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Big issues of the day

What are the big issues of our time?

- The #MeToo movement, and the cases of sexual assault and harassment that started it

- Russian meddling (too light of a word?) in elections, like US 2016, Brexit 2016, France 2017, Germany 2018, and who knows where else in the world

- In the US, gun violence and school murders

- Globally, robotics and machine intelligence coming to take over most jobs, and whether this will mean more, different kinds of jobs for people, or the end of jobs for people

- Violence in places like Syria, Myanmar, and Yemen

- Immigration from worse-off places to better-off places, around the world

Pollution in developing nations, and, let's face it, developed nations

And, of course, the biggest issue of all: climate change, and what to do about it.

There are many more challenges, and opportunities, than what I have listed here. I plan to write on some, eventually all, of these topics, and many more.


16:15 Thursday, 15 March 2018