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Begin, again

Stephen Hawking has died.

I am coming back to public writing.

Are the two related? Yes. Yes, they are.

Hawking had the ability to communicate ideas both simple and complex in a way that was straight-forward and easy to comprehend. This used to be my goal. My choice of topics were different, but the purpose is the same: to increase the amount and accessibility of knowledge available in the world for anyone with the desire to know it.

In the past sixteen years, I have instead busied myself with lawyering—the pursuit of which I have no reason to regret.

However, Stephen Hawking's death has jolted me. It has reminded me of what it was like to be a seeker and conveyer of ideas. That is what I want to do again. That is who I want to be again.

So, I am back to it.


12:16 Wednesday, 14 March 2018